Session 2: Using Twitter for CPD

I wish I could remember where I found this picture for referencing purposes! A good example of why teachers choose to use Twitter. I have connected with so many brilliant educators, read blogs, watched inspirational videos and enjoyed sharing with others new ideas I have found or tried through Twitter – all of which has in turn influenced my classroom practice.

I never used Twitter effectively at first. I sat through mindless tweets from celebrities, supermarkets and the odd bit of news until I realised it is all about WHO you follow!

Here are a few suggestions….




To see more of who I follow see @ElamJessica

Here are some great articles/guides/tips on using Twitter:

And here is a local school who uses Twitter to communicate with parents:

Staff, if you would like help setting up an account just ask! You don’t have to tweet at all if you don’t want to, you can simply take it all in. Oh and before I forget check out #pedagoofriday (by typing into the search bar on Twitter). This is the hashtag people use when posting about successful teaching ideas they have used during the week.



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