Session 1: QR codes

After seeing an inspirational lesson by @Mattewwatt I was very keen to start using QR codes in my classroom and share with everyone their many uses.

First of all here is a handy Prezi  by Nicole Zumpano (it’s 3 years old!) that explains what a QR code is and gives some examples of how they can be used in education.

@tombarrett is quite the guru when it comes to tech and education. His blog The Curious Creative is full of amazing ideas – many the result of collaboration with educators across the globe. Check out his 40 Interesting Ways (and tips) to use QR Codes in the Classroom.

Finally, here’s the simplest way I’ve found to create a QR code…

1) Go to  or to find more options type ‘qr code maker’ into Google!



2) On the right hand side click URL (AKA a web address)



3) Copy and paste the web address you want your QR code to link to into the box. Automatically, once the web address is entered the QR code is made! You can save this….by clicking the orange save button. Alternatively you can use different QR code generators to make your QR codes coloured or into different shapes. The possibilities are endless!




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