Session 3: Explain Everything

The above videos give a broad introduction to the brilliant Explain Everything app.

I love Explain Everything and cannot wait until Google apps is set up at school so I can easily share and store videos I make with my class. Meanwhile, both my class and I have been seeing what we can do with the app – inserting videos, cropping pictures, copying text, writing using a stylus whilst talking etc. Most recently we inserted and cropped photos of ourselves and friends and labelled parts of the body we could see. We then explained further the uses of the different body parts in our voice recordings.


Below: a great infographic to encourage use of apps such as this in the classroom.



A great website with lots of help to get started is 

For further ideas from other teachers currently using the app and the app producers themselves check out @explainevrythng on Twitter.

Here is a link to a great UKEdChat where teachers discussed the use of Explain Everything:

And lastly some inspiration…

(click on the tweet)



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